Ways To Turn Your Sport Into a Fishing Carrer

Most fishermen have probably thought about how to get paid to do something that they love.  If this is something that you have considered, there are a lot of different ways to make a fishing career.  You may just be starting out in life, or you may be considering a new position for your retirement.  Either way, you might be surprised at how many opportunities are out there to get paid to fish or be around fishing.  Here are five great ways to get paid to fish:

1. Go Commercial

This is a gimme, but it shouldn’t be ignored.  Commercial fishing is a tough way to earn a living, especially in harsh climates like Alaska.  However, all of your long days are compressed into seasons away, and you return to lots of free time to fish the way you love.

2. Going Pro is a Great Fishing Career

If you are really skilled, you have the time and freedom to travel and you can market yourself into some sponsorships, then professional tournament fishing is a great fishing career.  This is a difficult thing to start if you have a family who depends on you to be home every night, and you need a large regular income.  However, it’s a great way to reinvent yourself if you’re ready to pull up roots.

3. Become a Guide or Charter Captain

If you live in or are willing to move to a destination fishing area, then becoming a guide or charter captain is a great way to get paid to fish.  It does require some startup capital, but for many, it can be a wonderful way to spend your retirement years, or even to begin your working years doing something you truly love.

4. Become a Fisheries Scientist

Not everyone is a fan of fishing enforcement.  However, there are a lot of great jobs in fisheries science, and it is a great opportunity to combine education, career, and a love of fishing.  Fisheries scientists who work for universities and agencies get the opportunity to explore protected waters, travel the world fishing and create their own projects to demonstrate population, life history, management and even the science of fishing gear.  It can be an excellent way to do what you love in ways that no one has ever tried before.

5. Invent, Review or Demo Gear

Gear is a great way to turn fishing into a profitable endeavor.  If you’re clever enough to invent a new lure, you can do very well if you know how to patent and where to market.  Bloggers from every industry have done well reviewing items through blogs and online videos.  Fishing gear is no exception.  Finally, if you are a blogger or reviewer, some companies will send you free gear and possibly even pay you to review their items for them, as a part of their social media advertising campaign.

If you love fishing and you’re ready for a life change, there are a lot of great opportunities to begin making money in a fishing career.  All it takes is some courage, the resources you need to support the change, and a love of fishing.