World Recreational Fishing Conference

The World Recreational Fishing Conference

Angling Meets Science at the World Recreational Fishing Conference

by Debbie Kay 

Whether you’re interested in better understanding the stream and lake systems around them, want to know why your fishing rules are changing or learn better ways to help make freshwater fishing something that your grandchildren can share with their grandchildren, the World Recreational Fishing Conference is an excellent opportunity to learn and to share knowledge.  The conference will be in Victoria, BC between July 16th to 20th, 2017.  The chance to submit an abstract to speak will open on July 20th, 2016.

The conference covers sixteen different topics, including:

  • Management Strategies, Policy Development and Governance
  • Integrating Social-Ecological Systems for Sustaining Recreational Fisheries
  • Monitoring and Assessment of Recreational Fisheries
  • Social and Economic Values of Recreational Fisheries
  • Citizen Science and Recreational Fisheries
  • Catch and Release as a Management Tool: The Good, the Bad and Ethics
  • Adaptive Environmental Management of Recreational Fisheries
  • Human Dimensions Research
  • Reconciling Stocking, Management and Conservation
  • Engagement of Fishers in the Management Process
  • Recreational Fisheries as Complex Adaptive Systems
  • Managing Wild Stock Fisheries Under Uncertainty
  • Allocation Issues in Fisheries: Recreational, Commercial, Aboriginal, Subsistence, Artisinal
  • Contributed Papers (Anything outside of the other themes)

Though the conference is geared toward scientists, agencies and industry, it’s open to anyone interested in learning more about the complex science behind fishing and fisheries management.  It’s also a chance to share your questions and ideas with the people who need to hear them the most.

Benefits of a Worldwide Conference

When fisheries scientists, managers and professionals from around the world convene, it offers a chance to see the innovative ways these groups have worked together.  When experts in different fields share their successes solving age-old problems, problems like poaching, invasive species and the balance between stocking and conservation, other experts can brainstorm and try to apply it to their own areas.

What Attendees Can Do

Conferences are one of the best places to speak to some of the world’s experts on fishing and fisheries in a forum where they will listen and respond directly to your questions and problems.  Scientists are open to being challenged on their assumptions.  Responsible scientists even welcome it.  If they are local to your area, you may even be able to show them something in the field outside their area of study, or pose the question that will inspire the their next study.

How to Attend the World Recreational Fishing Conference

Anyone interested in registering can visit their website beginning July 20th, 2016.  There are discounted hotel rooms available through the registration site, but they will fill quickly, so they recommend booking as early as possible, and say that late registrants may not be able to find a hotel room within the city.  If you haven’t been to Canada lately, please remember that you now need either an enhanced drivers license, passport card or a passport to travel to the country from the US.

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