Kayak River Fishing

Kayak River Fishing is a World of its Own

Kayak River Fishing By Sean O’Brien

Kayak river fishing is a world of its own, requiring a large, specialized skill set to cope with the constant changes of moving water.  Besides contending with the meandering of the river’s twists and turns, you will need 360 degree awareness, as well as a good sense of speed and timing, because the current can pick up and drop off at a moment’s notice.  The reward for developing those skills is a fishing vessel that’s rugged, portable and flexible, able to take you on just about any river in the world.

Kayak river fishing is nimble

One of the major benefits to kayak river fishing is its nimbleness.  There’s virtually nowhere that you’re unable to get to, and in a river system where maneuverability is key, the kayak is the optimum vessel.  The maneuverability allows you to find just the right angle for perfect lure placement, opening up pockets of water that may have been impossible to cast to from a clumsier vessel. The ability to move around on the river is key to making the best use of your time.  Everything is in play.

Trout can be found in deeper pools as the river ebbs and flows, and being in a kayak gives you the option to hit each and every one of those pools.  Determining the best avenue of attack, so to speak, will allow you to position yourself downstream, so that your bait of choice is floating as naturally as possible.  Trout sit in these deeper pools and allow their food to come to them.  Reading the motion of the river you can determine how food naturally floats through that area, and guide your bait along the same path.

Once you’ve found a great spot to fish in on a river, staying there can not only be a hassle, but sometimes nearly impossible.  The right equipment can fix that.  In fast moving water, a good anchor can to provide enough time and stability to actually fish the spots where the fish are holding.  Generally, the anchor will catch and hold you in a quiet area of the water, so that you can fish pools and overhangs.

Personal flotation devices are also of the utmost importance when you’re dealing with any body of water, but especially a river.  Moving water is unpredictable and can change any moment, and the frenetic activity involved in kayak river fishing  can increase your risk of capsizing.  Leaning over with the net, fixing the tangles and swapping out lures can all lead to a dunking if you’re not care careful.  And if you happen to be over a strong hidden current, you could be swept away quickly.  As with any form of water sport, better safe than sorry.  As summer approaches, get out there on the river and get some fish.

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  1. Douglas Rowe says:

    I haven’t been in a kayak before but I will be buying on soon for fishing in any help on where to get a kayak set up for fishing?

    1. Mike Pender says:

      Search “kayak fishing” on Youtube. There are more ideas out there than you can imagine!

  2. Chris says:

    Thx for inviting me to this site