Sunday Series – 50 States of Fishing: Volume 2 Delaware to Hawaii

50 States of Fishing:  Volume 2

Delaware to Hawaii

By Debbie Kay

In honor of the impending holidays, Angler’s Club Magazine has put together a brief list of fishing information to help you get started freshwaterplanning your fishing vacations next year, both fresh water or salt.  Here’s a quick look at fifty states worth of what to catch and where to get started:



Season:  Spring thru Fall

Best Known For: Saltwater fishing, both surf and non, as well as freshwater trout fishing.  Perch, rockfish and sea bass are some of the top species.

Fishing License Agency:  Delaware Division Fish and Wildlife

Link to online license purchase:

(Note:  This requires that you purchase the license on a computer linked to a printer at the time of purchase to immediately print the permit.)

Cost of a Visitor’s License:  $20 dollars per year, $12.50 for a seven day visitors pass.

District of Columbia

Season:  Striped Bass season goes from May 16th to December 31st

Best Known For: Striped Bass

Fishing License Agency:  DC Department of Energy and Environment

Link to online license purchase:  (Note:  This version will tell you it prefers internet explorer 5.5 or later.  If you have trouble getting it to work, consider using a computer with this browser installed.

Cost of a Visitor’s License:  $13/ year, $6.50 for 14 days


Season:  Year-round

Best Known For:  Both freshwater and saltwater fishing.  Bass in lakes, sturgeons in streams, spearfishing and deep sea fishing on all coasts.

Fishing License Agency:  Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Link to online license purchase:

Cost of a Visitor’s License:   Freshwater licenses run from a 3 day nonresident permit at $17 dollars to an annual nonresident permit at $47 dollars.  Disabled discount licenses are limited to Florida residents.  Saltwater licenses cover all fish except spiny lobster, tarpon, and snook, each of which require additional stickers.  The cost of saltwater visitors permits are the same:  $17 dollars for three days, and $47 dollars for a year.  As an incentive to help remove an invasive species from the waterway, lionfish are eligible year-round to spear fish with no license required and no limit.


Season:  Year-round for all fisheries except trout.  Trout season starts the last weekend in March and goes through October.

Best Known For:   Trout, bass, and catfish.  There is a small section of Georgia along the coast, which offers access to saltwater fishing opportunities as well.   This is mainly shore fishing.

Fishing License Agency:  Georgia DNR

Link to online license purchase:

Cost of a Visitor’s License:  $45 dollars for an annual nonvisitor’s permit.  No short-term passes are available.  $5 dollars per day for a saltwater shore-fishing permit.  An annual trout pass is $20 dollars, and has a $10 dollar version for 3 days.  A trout license can be purchased in addition to, or in place of, a general fishing license.


Season:  Year-round

Best Known For:  Deep-sea and shore saltwater fishing, though there are a few freshwater locations available and the licenses to catch fish here.

Fishing License Agency:  Hawaii Division of Aquatic Resources

Link to online license purchase:

Cost of a Visitor’s License:  If you’re going on a fishing charter, check before you buy.  In most cases, license will be included or under your charter company’s license.  No license is required if you’re eating your catch and shore fishing, either.  If you are selling your fish as food or aquarium life, there are licenses, as well as for catching the seven main bottomfish species and any freshwater fish.  Bottomfish licenses are free, as are aquarium permits.  Freshwater permits vary significantly in cost from $1 dollar and up, depending on location, duration and age.

Stay tuned for the next installment in this series.  Is there more information you’d like us to add in the future?  Let us know in the comments below.



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