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Kayak  Plunking- Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Kayak Plunking

For the last 25 years a group of friends and I have cast for salmon from the upper beach in Kalama, Wa. Now we have been taken over by kayak Plunking. They are disappointed with the break away sand bags and have gone back to littering our beautiful Columbia River.

Every form of weight is employed from rocks to car parts. It is nearly impossible to cast next to them because of endless tangles. Kayaks should and eventually will be banned or restricted once the game people wake up.

The main obstacle is that the people who make such decisions are kayakers because it’s so effective. Finally, I have observed and reported kayakers who fill their coolers with salmon.

Many times in the peak of the run it takes them longer to set up than to catch their fish so they don’t leave and catch more and more.

Brian Stowell



Thank you for your letter.  Anglers Club Magazine supports all methods of fishing and using every type of safe watercraft, including kayak.

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