How to Choose Trolling Motor for a Pontoon Boat?

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Pontoon boats are very popular not only among fishermen but also people who like drifting in various waters and relaxing in nature. If you don’t want to use water paddles or oars while moving on the water, and be able to focus more on surroundings or fishing, you might consider buying a trolling motor for your boat. Thanks to this device your trip will become even more enjoyable.

A quiet and efficient trolling motor for a pontoon boat is by far the best choice for anglers who don’t want to scare the fish away. The biggest advantages of electric pontoon motors also include their durability and the fact that they are cheap to operate. Just a few years ago, electric motors were significantly inferior to internal combustion engines in terms of power, but fortunately nowadays the situation is a bit different. For many people, the great advantage of electric motors will also be that they do not require the use of oil and fuel. Power is supplied by special batteries that more and more often cooperate with solar technology.

When it comes to choosing an engine for a pontoon boat, it is worth adding that its type and power should also be adapted to the pull of the water current. For calm rivers and lakes, you can choose a smaller, lighter and more energy-efficient model. The bigger the boat, the higher the engine power should be. For example, for small boats like canoes and kayaks, a 12 volt motor is adequate. Another criterion worth paying attention to is easy and comfortable steering of the pontoon boat. Trolling motors with twist tiller steering are highly recommended. The style of trolling motor and its features depends on the purpose of using the boat. If you want to have a boat for cruising or fishing, you might consider having an extra GPS system.

Modern power technology for the electric trolling motor is based on the use of batteries. What surely please nature observers and anglers is the fact that electric motors are quiet so there is no fear of scaring away the birds, fish or other animals inhabiting the surroundings. Nowadays, the trend of special concern for the environment is very popular. So manufacturers focus more on producing different types of electric motors for boats that are less harmful to nature. For that reason, trolling motors are a great choice and they can still transform your small boat into a more powerful machine that moves with good speed.