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Fishing in Oregon – The Complete Oregon Fishing Guide

By Robert Deen

If I could own only one book about fishing in Oregon, it would be Madelynne Diness Sheehan’s Fishing in Oregon – The Complete Oregon Fishing Guide. Continue reading Fishing in Oregon – The Complete Oregon Fishing Guide

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America’s Best-Selling Bass Books

By Robert Deen

Want to boost your skills and catch more bass?  America’s best-selling books about bass fishing can help you do that.  Here are the top five, according to Amazon.

High Percentage Fishing

A Statistical Approach to Improving Catch Rates, by Josh Alwine.

Currently America’s top seller, High Percentage Fishing is about putting more fish in the boat.  It combines tips from world-class fishermen with statistics pulled from a vast database of catch information.  Strategy and science are distilled into basic, core facts to help fisherman boost their success rates.  Topics include big bass high percentage fishinghabits and locations, the impact of weather, the effect of lunar cycles and the best and worst times to fish.  Author Josh Alwine is a professional engineer and statistician who uses facts to slice through longstanding myths and get to the core of what really works.

Paperback, 126 pages, $13.49.  Create Space Independent Publishing January 2016.  Five Amazon review stars.                 Available at Amazon High Percentage Fishing.

Bass Fishing

Tips and Tricks for Catching Largemouth Bass by George Olsen

Number two on the list is Bass Fishing: Trips and Tricks for Catching Largemouth Bass by George Olsen.  Billed as a book for beginners, it large mouth bassstill throws in extra tips and tricks.  The basics are covered, including feeding habits, knots, bait, lures, rigs, boat and bank fishing, etc.  If you’re thinking about getting into bass fishing, this might be the book for you.

Available on Kindle for $1.99.  47 pages.  Published July 2015.   Available at Amazon  Bass Fishing Tips.

101 Bass Fishing Tips

Twenty-First Century Bassing Tactics and Techniques   From all the Top Pros, by John Neporadny, Jr.

If you wonder how the bass pros do it, then this is the book for you.  Author John Neproadny has gleaned his information from the top touring pros, including the best competitors of the Bassmaster and FLW circuits.  It provides not only useful fishing tips, but also interesting insights into the world of professional fishing.

Paperback, 240 pages, $9.25.   Skyhorse Publishing 2013.  4.3 Amazon review stars. Available at Amazon 101 Bass Fishing Tips

How to Catch Bass

by Joe Cermele and the Editors of Field and Stream

You can hardly go wrong with a brand like Field & Stream.  This is a hands-on, practical book packed with expert hints and tips, most illustrated with handy step-by-step guidelines.  “Covers every aspect of bass fishing that every bass fisherman should know,” claims the author.  That’s a lot to say, but no doubt this is an all-around good, hands-on book.  The fact that the advice comes from top fishermen and guides from around the world makes for some interesting reading.

Paperback, 96 pages, $9.99.  Weldon Owen Publishing 2014.   4.5 Amazon review stars. Available at Amazon How To Catch Bass.

In Pursuit of Giant Bass

by Bill Murphy

First published in 1999, this oldie-but-goodie has helped a lot of bass fishermen over the years.  It still maintains a five star rating on Amazon.  Written by “Lunker” Bill Murphy (1939-2004), a San Diego, CA big bass fishing legend also known as the “Stitching Guru”.  He’s purported to have caught more bass over 10 pounds than any angler ever, even up to the present day.  Murphy was a true bass fishing pioneer, and the book offers insights into his lifetime search for trophy bass.

Paperback, 373 pages, $13.94, Giant Bass Publications. Available at Amazon In Pursuit of Giant Bass






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