Faraway Fishing Trips

Faraway Fishing Trips to Add to Your Bucket List

By Debbie Kay

If you plan your vacation around fishing, then these faraway fishing Faraway Fishingtrips are for you.  They aren’t necessarily the farthest flung places– we haven’t included Iceland or Amazon, for example.  For now, we’ve chosen to look at some of the biggest, weirdest, highest and craziest places to fish  in the world:

Go High:  Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

Lake Titicaca has the honor of being the highest boatable waterway in the world.  In addition to hosting a beautiful shore town and islands of ancient ruins, Titicaca also is a great place to find fishing charters.  Golden, brown, lake and rainbow trout are all stocked here, and two native catfish-like killifish may be found as well.

Go New:  Cuba

The newest acceptable vacation place for US citizens is also one of the best remaining locations for grouper and bonefish.  Ironically, US sanctions have kept the Cuban waters pretty full of fish, and now that the country is open to US citizens for the first time in over half a century, stocks are ripe.  Now is the time to check out a great Caribbean fishing hotspot that was Hemingway’s favorite.

Go Old:  East Timor

The world’s oldest deep sea fishing, according to recent news, is 42,000 years old, based on the age of bone hooks found in a cave here.   Indonesian sport fishing, right next door, gives lots of opportunities to catch the same tuna, snapper and jack that the cave people once enjoyed.

Go Big: Nile Carp in Africa

Many of the world’s largest freshwater fish are almost extinct.  If you want to catch a fish from the top ten heavyweights list without worrying about destroying a species, try the Nile Carp in Africa.  This fish has been stocked in many lakes where they grow massive, fish becoming a major invasive problem.  Sport fishing in places like Lake Victoria is considered a public service, especially when you nab the big ones.

Go Desert:  Dubai

Want to fish the Middle East without feeling at risk?  Try the vacation hotspot of Dubai, where a number of deep sea charters will offer a shot at grouper, barracuda and kingfish.  Dubai is, a little surprisingly, a favorite location for locals as well as tourists, and the waters here are well stocked.  Lodging is expensive, but this city offers lots to do if your non-fishing family joins you.

Go Mountain:  Nepal and India

If you want to try to fish glacial streams fed by the world’s highest mountaintops, there are a large number of Himalayan fishing charters featuring brown and other trout in their native habitat.  India and Nepal both offer ample opportunities to join charter trips, though sport fishing in nearby Burma and Tibet require a large number of regulatory hoops.

Go Island: Maldives

This all-island nation has a thousand small islets arranged into coral atolls.  It sits to the south of India, and a stay here feels extra luxurious, because the resorts all sit on their own private island.  Fishing is a way of life for the locals, and a great way to try your hand at a large number of South Pacific reef fish.

Go South: Cape of Good Hope, Argentina and Chile

Follow the footsteps of Darwin and many world explorers at one of the closest points to Antarctica, and enjoy a shot at some of the large southern hemisphere fish.  Though saltwater fish are available to catch, many come here for some of the world’s largest, clearest sea run trout rivers in the world.

Go North: Arctic Circle

Anyone who wants to fish the ends of the earth should consider bringing a pole to the North Pole.  In addition to Alaska and Canada, there are fishing opportunities in Greenland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia.  Much of this is ice fishing, and the main sport species up here is arctic char.  Scandinavians often speak English, and this is where you’re most likely to find a warm room and hot meal next to your fishing locations. If you do head to Europe, be ready to try some reindeer meat.  It’s a staple up there.

Go Surfing: Australian Shark Fishing

Much has been said about the big way that Aussies tackle life.  In this case, it involves a surfboard and the chance of catching sharks among breaking swells.  This technique has been perfected by adrenaline junkies, and those brave enough to tackle a great white on a surfboard will find charters throughout the country that will teach you how.

Any faraway fishing trips you want to add? Do you have a favorite? Want more detail on any of these locations? Leave a comment.



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