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About Us

We’re a brand new fishing site and call ourselves a digital magazine. We’re not really a magazine, with publication schedules, subscriptions, or regular issues, but it is the closest thing to us.

It’s true, we let fishing people vote for their favorite lodge, outfitter, guide. In fact, we had 2014 voting this year in Patagonia, on our sister site. FishingPatagonia.com It seems to me that this is a way for everyone to win. The lodge/guide gets exposure to potential clients, the angler gets a reference to help find a quality service provider, and hopefully we get site visitors looking for entertainment and good solid information.

Our focus is on providing a fun, entertaining fishing site. For the DIY angler or anglers of any skill level, we provide a comprehensive source of solid information, with blogs, reviews, and guides to the region’s major rivers, lakes and saltwater. We’ll also help you get connected with guides, lodges, and outfitters. Finally, we offer articles on fisheries and conservation. I feel strongly that we will be helpful in preserving the fisheries.

Anglers Club Magazine is a division of Summit Conference Service.

Clay Smith

Our Management 

Clay Smith is the founder, President and CEO of Summit Conference Service. FishingPatagonia.com and AnglersChoiceAwards.com is a division of Summit Conference Service, Inc. Summit was founded in July 1997 and has for nearly two decades provided conferencing services to companies, government organizations, and non-profits. The company is headquartered on Whidbey Island approximately 2 hours North (including the ferry ride) of Seattle, WA. It is near some of the best steelhead and salmon fishing in the continental USA. Clay began fly fishing with his father, in the cold, fast streams of the Rocky Mountains. He received a bamboo fly rod for his 9th birthday. That passion for fly fishing never stopped growing, and has carried Clay to water throughout North America’s lower 48, Hawaii, South East Alaska (a lot), Central Alaska and on up above the Arctic Circle, where he’s fished the Kobuk River in Northwest Alaska. He has fished in Western Canada’s British Columbia, and in Mexico’s Baja, Yucatan, Caribbean Coast, and the central lakes. After years of daydreaming about fishing in Argentina, Clay finally landed in Patagonia. After fly-fishing its rivers, and exploring this vast paradise, Clay started toying with the idea of FishingPatagonia.com.

Gayle Smith

Gayle is Executive Editor of the Anglers Choice Awards. She is a senior executive with extensive experience managing personal reward and award programs. Gayle brings her credibility and integrity to our exciting new awards program.

Will Jukes

Will Jukes recently joined our team as editor and blogger. Will graduated from the University of Dallas in 2012 with a BA in English. Since then he has written for several online and print publications, adapted play scripts, and attended conferences for creative writing. He learned to fly fish from his dad, and has fished all over the western United States, and—somewhat less successfully—in Upstate New York.

We hope you like our website. We would appreciate your suggestions and feedback. If you would like to know more about us, leave a comment.

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  1. Hal B. says:


  2. Steven Reigel says:

    Enjoy reading your articles. Very informative and helps confirm some of the things that I like to do.

  3. Natural Ponds Lakes and Streams by Spring Creek Aquatic Concepts says:

    Always have enjoyed the posts you place in the fishing groups on google+ ! We look forward to your conservation articles, especially as they relate to private land owners. Cheers!

  4. barbara schindler says:

    great magazine! good articles and photos. thanks barb.

  5. James Gatchet says:

    I really need information like your site has I’m 62 and haven’t done much fishing except for trout and bottom fishing in the ocean. Keep up the good work.

    1. Will Jukes says:

      Thank you James glad our articles are valuable for you.


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