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Finding Elusive Summer Trout (PART 2 OF TROUT FISHING SERIES)

Summer Trout by Sean O’Brien

As the spring melts into the summer months, trout seem not only harder to find, but harder to catch at all.  Trout thrive in cold water, rich in dissolved-oxygen, and like any creature they get sluggish when they don’t get the oxygen they need.  Colder water is more likely to be found in streams and rivers, and accordingly those are more than likely to contain the elusive summer trout than a lake or pond.  This isn’t to say trout can’t be found everywhere in their range, but there are most certainly more and less effective places, times and techniques when fishing summer trout.  To help improve your odds of catching them in the heat of the summer, we’ve provided the following tips.

Fish Early or Late

As summer heats up, trout look for cooler water, but even in the right water they’ll be less active in the warmer times of day.  The best time for an angler is early or late, when the temperature is not as devastatingly hot.  The cooler summer troutair of early morning will allow the trout to become more active at that point, and better your chance of catching one.  Same pattern for later in the day – as the sun sets, and the cooler air temperatures enter, trout will become more active, and feed.  These are the better opportunities to use your spoons and spinners to attract the fish.

Fishing in lakes and ponds brings an entirely new set of problems as we get further into the summer months and the mercury rises in the thermometer.  Lakes and ponds afford a great temperature difference in relation to the depth of the water, and in order to find the fish an angler must find the “sweet spot” where the colder water is available.  Generally, that will be the deeper parts.  Trout will be much more comfortable and active in these areas due to the lower water temperature.  Determine the best depth to fish specific to the area you’re in, and give it a go.

Fish the Inlets and Outlets

Besides the well known fast moving streams and rivers that constantly have cooler water, another key location to target in hot months are the inlets and outlets of the lakes and ponds. These spots are gathering place for baitfish, as well as for other trout food sources, which in turn makes them a gathering place for trout.  Best practice for inlets to larger bodies of water is to throw upstream and allow the current to take your bait as naturally as possible into the target area.  Inlets and outlets are easily spotted on most any body of water, making them a safe go-to when no other information is available.

Dams Lure Summer Trout

Perhaps the best spot to go after those summer trout, if accessible, is a dam.  Dams lure trout during the hot summer months, especially lowland reservoirs and other bodies of water that can see a drastic increase in temperature.  Dams generally maintain deeper, colder water in their depths, creating a haven for heat addled trout.  They also provide a breeding ground for smaller fish, insects and crawfish, staples of the trout diet.  Where there is plentiful food, there will be trout.  Targeting dams in the summer months is an excellent way to increase your catch rate when the warmer water and summer heat become problematic for trout anglers.

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