mythical fly fishing trips

Mythical Fly Fishing Trips & Gorgeous Scenery

Mythical Fly Fishing Trips by Sean Obrien

There are mythical fly fishing trips taken by fly fisherman to some of the most profoundly gorgeous scenery available on the planet. Although there are thousands of locations that are world reknown for their unrivaled fly fishing, they all have specific positives and negatives. Each one of the locations listed below has a distinct reason that makes it one of the few end-all be-all locations for the fly fishing enthusiast.  Some are specific because of the
environment, some for the location, and some for the species of fish available, but the one thing they all have in common is unparalleled angling.  Let’s get right to the list, and be sure to leave your mythical fly fishing trips or dream destination in the comments section below.

mythical fly fishing tripsChalk Streams, Hampshire UK – Perhaps the most famous trout fishing stream in the world, the River Test was made hallowed fly fishing ground by the 19th century fishing writer Richard Halford.  Key features of the spot include crystal clear water and a consistent fly hatch that creates a breeding ground for trout and salmon.  Surrounded by beautiful lands, this is the birthplace of modern fly fishing and can produce fish all year round due to their hatch.  Just a simply magical place for the fly fishing purist, and the many factors that make this a great spot for fish.

Christmas Island, Caribbean – The best bonefishing on flats that can be found in the entire world is located here, at Christmas Island.  The Island is 110 miles north of the equator and 120 miles south of Hawaii.  This area is the best because of a number of characteristics that simply cannot be found anywhere else – namely, the white bottom flats and crystal clear water, as well as the ability to have unbelievably good fishing weather year round. This secluded coral atoll is perfect for bonefish, and it has to be fished by foot, as anglers walk through ankle deep water and sight cast.  One of the more beautiful spots on this list, and that is saying something.

ascension-bay-mxAscension Bay, Mexico – Another absolutely beautiful spot, Ascension Bay is located 100 miles south of Cancun, on the Yucatan Peninsula.  Tropical weather, and incredible flats fishing for bonefish, permit, tarpon, snook, and barracuda await in one of the most unbelievable fishing locations available.  This is flats fishing, in and around the mangroves that hide monster snook and barracuda, in crystal clear saltwater.  If stalking fish on foot and throwing flies at them, while guides pole small skiffs behind you in a tropical paradise in the middle of nowhere sounds like heaven to you, this is your destination.

Alaska, USA – Salmon.  Alaskan fishing is all about the salmon.  King salmon at that.  Backcountry fly in fishing in Alaska is world famous because of many factors, but it all comes back to the abundance of salmon.  Many fishing lodges in the Alaskan wilderness are accessible by float plane only, and there are no roads.  There are multiple species of salmon available, and the scenery and backdrop, while not tropical like some other list entries, is beautiful all the same.

County Cork, Ireland / Scottish Highlands – Majestic views, lush green land, babbling brooks, the adjectives just pile up when you are talking about fly fishing in Ireland or the Scottish highlands.  Trout and salmon are the main attractions, but there are an abundance of species, and the fly fishing on secluded streams is amazing.  One of the best spot spots in all of Europe for wild brown trout, it is the backdrop that makes these fishing destinations amazing.  Just think, you are fishing spring fed streams that meander in front of crumbling castles, stately farm houses, and old churches.  As in Scotland,  most of the castles and churches that you come across will be older than America.  Trout get very big here, and although the history and look of these places certainly plays a part, it is the world class fishing that makes this a great destination for anglers. Leave a comment and tell us about your favorite mythical fly fishing trips.


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