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Mythical Fly Fishing Trips & Gorgeous Scenery

Mythical Fly Fishing Trips by Sean Obrien

There are mythical fly fishing trips taken by fly fisherman to some of the most profoundly gorgeous scenery available on the planet. Although there are thousands of locations that are world reknown for their unrivaled fly fishing, they all have specific positives and negatives. Each one of the locations listed below has a distinct reason that makes it one of the few end-all be-all locations for the fly fishing enthusiast.  Some are specific because of the
environment, some for the location, and some for the species of fish available, but the one thing they all have in common is unparalleled angling.  Let’s get right to the list, and be sure to leave your mythical fly fishing trips or dream destination in the comments section below. Continue reading Mythical Fly Fishing Trips & Gorgeous Scenery

Central Texas Fly Fishing, Part One

 With Beautiful Scenery and Fantastic Diversity, Central Texas is a Diamond in the Rough for Fly Fishermen

Central Texas by Will Jukes

It’s understandable that Texas doesn’t make the shortlist of great fly fishing states.  Lacking native trout and salmon, we have nothing to offer anglers going after the traditional species of fly fishing.  But hidden in the state’s big middle is the central Texas Hill Country, 18,000 square miles of limestone and granite hills clear to emerald green freestone streams.  Awash with bass, panfish, catfish and carp, these streams offer a surprisingly classic kind of fly fishing, as well as challenges not to be found elsewhere. Continue reading Central Texas Fly Fishing, Part One

Angler Given Last Bites


Anglers Use Fishing Buddy’s Ashes as Bait to Catch 180-Pound Carp

By Robert Deen

Two British anglers honored their departed fishing buddy by mixing his ashes into dough ball baits, which they used to catch a 180-pound carp in Thailand. Continue reading Angler Given Last Bites

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There’s Excellent Fishing on the Manistique Lakes, but You’ll Need Good Technique and the Right Equipment – Including a Thermometer

By Rick Fowler

Located in the heart of the UP in Mackinac County, two of the three Manistique Lakes are known for high quality fishing – “The Big Lake”, and “South Lake”, connected by Portage Creek in the small community of Curtis. The lakes have something for nearly everyone;  fishermen have harvested many eater walleyes and battled nice-sized pike in these waters.  Other anglers go after bluegill, which can be landed by the buck in the lakes’ numerous bays and inlets.  If you’re a bass angler, both lakes offer up some nice 3 to 4 pound smallies and an occasional big bruiser of a largemouth, especially around the one island in South Manistique and the three in Big Manistique.  Continue reading MANISTIQUE LAKES – THRIVING SUMMER ANGLING

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10 Tips for Choosing an Alaskan Fishing Trip

Robert Deen

It’s winter.  The fishing is slow, so now is a good time to research and plan your trips for warmer times ahead.

Having just gone through the process of selecting an Alaskan fishing trip for this summer, here are ten tips I wish someone had given me two months ago.  Most could apply to any fishing trip. Continue reading 10 Tips for Choosing an Alaskan Fishing Trip