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Ice Fishing Basics for Beginners

Ice Fishing by Sean Obrien

We know that summer has just ended, and we are still in the heart of the fishing season.  This is just a quick reminder that even through the winter is approaching, the fishing season does not end.  Ice fishing is an unbelievably fun time out on the (frozen) water, and you can wind up with some serious fish as well.  We will take a look at some of the gear, techniques and safety concerns of standing on ice and then fishing through a hole you have cut in it. Continue reading Ice Fishing Basics for Beginners

Under Appreciated Underspins: The Forgotten Lure That Catches Bass

Underspins by Ben Team

I was probably about 19 years old the first time I used an underspin.

It was early December, and I was working a dock with access to water about 15-feet-deep. I had been casting and retrieving spoons, in-line spinners and jerk baits all morning, but hadn’t had a lick of success. Continue reading Under Appreciated Underspins: The Forgotten Lure That Catches Bass

Fraser River gets Record Chum Run

Chum by Debbie Barton

The 2016 fall chum salmon run for the Fraser River, which borders Vancouver BC and opens out into Johnstone Strait to the North of the Washington’s San Juan Islands, was slow at first.  When it did come, however, the fish appeared in record numbers. The run, which now looks like it numbers 2 million, has been so large that some of the catches have swamped the boats of smaller commercial fishermen. Tidal and streamside anglers can look forward to a great season of chum as well from now until as late as Thanksgiving. Continue reading Fraser River gets Record Chum Run

Bass-Catching Brush Hogs

Brush Hogs by Ben Team

As much as I try to be mindful that bass see the world in an entirely different way than anglers do, I still find myself falling into this trap. Especially when it comes to lure selection. If I feel like the bass are chasing baitfish, I’ll tend to throw a spinnerbait, crank or paddle-tailed swim bait. But if I feel like they’re feeding on crayfish, I’ll opt for jigs or Texas-rigged crawfish-style baits. Continue reading Bass-Catching Brush Hogs

Two More Beginners Bass Lures

Beginners Bass Lures by Ben Team

We love when our readers share their thoughts and questions. Just this morning, I awoke to see that a reader message had been sent my way:

Hello friend,
Thank you for sharing the good content about the bass fishing. Can you tell me which fishing lures or fishing hooks are the best for the beginner to use?

Thank you very much!

First of all, thank you, friend, for reading and reaching out to us. But on to your questions! Continue reading Two More Beginners Bass Lures