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Tenkara Fishing in USA

Note the lack of a reel on this tenkara rod. Courtesy David Lor
Note the lack of a reel on this Tenkara rod. Courtesy David Lor

Tenkara is a Japanese method of fly fishing that’s gotten a lot of attention stateside in the last few years. like many things Japanese, tenkara is about minimalism—reel and other mechanical elements are eliminated in favor of “string tied to a pole” tackle, though often the pole is a collapsible, pocket-sized, graphite rod. That simplicity is the main attraction of tenkara. No reel means less that can go wrong, get lost, or get fouled up. A fixed line length means less management and easier casting. The focus stays on the fishing, and you can walk down to a creek and be fishing in seconds with rods that can literally fit in your pocket.  Continue reading Tenkara