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Salmon in the NFL Line-up?

With the Discovery of Fish Oil Being Able to Protect Against Head Injuries, the League Has an Interest in Protecting Salmon Habitat

By Debbie Kay

Recently, the NFL has admitted a clear link between playing football, concussions, and long-term brain damage.  This news has been coming for some time, and a number of concussion-reduction studies have been going on over the past decade.  Efforts have included things like helmetless practice to learn to hit and take hits differently, and sensors in helmets to accurately measure the amount pressure and damage to the brain.  But another means of protecting players may lie in the results of a recent preliminary study out of TCU, which is showing that a simple dose of fish oil offers significant protection against the damaging effects of head trauma. Continue reading Salmon in the NFL Line-up?

Fishing with Barbless Hooks

Barbless Hooks Are Increasingly Common Outside of Fly Fishing.  For the Uninitiated, Here’s How You Fish Them Right.

By Terry Otto

Trout anglers have been doing it for decades.  Ocean salmon anglers have adopted it, too.  However, with more and more salmon and steelhead rivers going barbless, including the Columbia, many anglers are just now having their first experience with barbless hooks. Continue reading Fishing with Barbless Hooks

Canadian Gold Rush Threatens Alaska Fisheries

Critics Say Those Threatened by New Mines Have No Say in Their Regulation, Putting People and Ecosystems in Danger

By Robert Deen

A modern-day Gold Rush in British Columbia – driven by weakened environmental regulations and a massive new power line – is creating one of the world’s largest mining districts.  While many have benefited, US opponents claim the boom jeopardizes Southeast Alaska’s salmon, rivers, fishing and tourism jobs, and that Americans have no say in the matter. Continue reading Canadian Gold Rush Threatens Alaska Fisheries

Dismal Returns & Tough Choices for Hatchery-marked Coho

Low Coho Numbers Force Compromises Choices for Fisheries Managers in the North Pacific

By Debbie Kay

From British Columbia to Northern California, state, federal, provincial and tribal fisheries managers are considering the fate of the ocean-run summer salmon fisheries this year.  The main topic on the table?  This year’s dismal return rate for coho salmon.  In Puget Sound, the count was just 300,000 individuals out of more than a million that had been expected.  For next year the estimate is only about half-a-million, using the same counting methods as before hatchery-marked coho.  The Pacific Coast states and provinces to the North and South didn’t fare any better, though Columbia River Chinook levels were at a record high.  Because of these severe drops in the population, there’s been a lot of push for a summer with no sea-run salmon fishing.  This initially got a lot of push-back, but has been accepted as one of the three management options on the table for the Pacific Fishery Management Council to choose from in April.  Let’s take a look at the three programs on the table: Continue reading Dismal Returns & Tough Choices for Hatchery-marked Coho

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West Coast Salmon Forecast

California 2016 Salmon Forecast – Lousy

by Robert Deen

More bad news for California anglers – government officials say the outlook for Chinook salmon this year is poor. That means fewer fish and shorter seasons.

Continue reading West Coast Salmon Forecast

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