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Nighttime Bassing: Night Fishing Part 2

Big Bass Wait Out the Summer Sun, Feeding at Night Instead 

(Nighttime Bassing is Part 2 of the Nighttime Fishing Series)

By Terry Otto


The night was so dark I was fishing by ear, and when the big bass exploded on my black Arbogast Jitterbug I almost jumped out of my skin.  The rod came alive in my hand, and the big fish tried desperately to bury himself in the weeds.  After tiring, the chunky 5-pound bucketmouth let me hold him gently for a bit before releasing him. Continue reading Nighttime Bassing: Night Fishing Part 2

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Nighttime Steelheading: Night Fishing Part 1

Warm Summer Nights are Great for Catching Nocturnal Steelhead

(Nighttime Steelheading is Part 1 of the Nighttime Fishing Series)

By Terry Otto

One of the best things about nighttime steelheading is that you leave the daytime crowds behind.  I was sharing the bank with just two other fishermen in a spot that was jacked with fishermen during the day.  I cast a glow in the dark corky tipped with a sand shrimp, into the clear water of the rifle.  I didn’t have to wait long. Continue reading Nighttime Steelheading: Night Fishing Part 1