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Taking Kids Fishing is as Much Fun as Ever

With Summer on its Way, It’s Time for a Venerable (Though Much Maligned) Tradition

by Sean OBrien

Opening day is a ritual in many families.  It’s the official turning point when winter changes over to spring.  The birds are out, the water is still cool, and the trout are ready.  Bass are beginning to spawn and sit on the beds, and lakes and streams and rivers begin to swell from the ice and snow melt.  It’s beautiful, and calming, and very peaceful, and all of that can be changed in 5 seconds by a child who doesn’t want to fish. Continue reading Taking Kids Fishing is as Much Fun as Ever

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The Art of Falling

Any amateur can fall in a river.  The seasoned professional knows how to do it right.

By Terry Otto

The steep bank looked slick and dangerous, and I thought briefly about the tired shape of my wading boots.  The smart thing to do would be to back down the incline carefully, even though I was eager to fish.  I chose to ignore the little voice in my head, and I stepped forward. Continue reading The Art of Falling

Fishing with Toddlers

By Debbie Kay

Updated: It has finally happened.  The fish are running, your permit is current, and you have all the gear you need.  The big fishing trip you have been waiting months to take is about to happen, and wham.
Continue reading Fishing with Toddlers

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Cold Weather Fishing is Good Fishing

“I’ll be really glad when I’ve had enough of this!”
Fred J Taylor, on Cold Weather Fishing

By Terry Otto

It was an offer I couldn’t refuse: A chance to spend the day steelheading with one of the best-known outdoorsmen in the Northwest?  It meant a day on world-class waters with a world-class host.  Great!  So, why the anxiety?

Let’s look at that invite phone call.  We talked about what I should bring and not bring, and the what and where of the trip.  Then I asked a totally logical question: “What’s the weather supposed to be like down there tomorrow?” Continue reading Cold Weather Fishing is Good Fishing

Strange Fishing Tricks

Really Wacky Fishing Tricks

Fishing Tricks
Credit Bjoertvedt

By Debbie Kay

Every fisherman has his fishing tricks.  Some of them are secret, some they will share with anyone who will listen.  Occasionally, you will meet someone with really wacky fishing tricks or superstition.  Recently a man in the Midwest made the news by catching a large carp with a pumpkin-flavored doughnut.  Do these things really work?  Some of them do, and have been used traditionally around the world for generations.  The effectiveness of others is as debatable as a good fish story.  Here is a look at some of the craziest fishing tricks that people use: Continue reading Strange Fishing Tricks