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Washington Steelhead Outlook for Late February

Wild Steelhead Runs Begin in Olympic Peninsula, Elsewhere

For anyone who won’t tolerate fishing hatchery steelhead, it’s time to start checking the weather. Wild steelhead numbers are going to swell by the day as they make their way upriver for their February run. What’s more, the weather forecasts suggest optimal fishing weather in several places over the next few weekends. To save you some time checking for yourself, here’s a short roundup of promising destinations.

flickr/Jeff Gunn
flickr/Jeff Gunn

Calawah & Hoh River

The Hoh River system, including the tributary Calawah River, is famous for its steelhead. Continue reading Washington Steelhead Outlook for Late February

Streamer Fishing Tips

Streamer Fishing Tips and Tricks for Montana Rivers

There prevails a special kind of fly fishing in Montana, one that isn’t determined by a strike indicator, or a floating fly.  The special kind of fly fishing that fosters a methodic passion for mimicking mother nature and tricking trout into thinking the fly at the end of your line is alive, delicious, and presented on a silver hook. We are talking about streamer fishing, the wooly bugger dance, some call it an addiction, some call it a way of life.Streaamer fishing tips & tricks

Whether you are a beginner fly fisherman or an avid maestro of rainbow trout, here are a few streamer fishing tips and tricks that anyone can use to create for themselves a top-notch streamer experience.  Let us help make sure the fish are striking that streamer throughout the day. Continue reading Streamer Fishing Tips

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Best Fishing – Patagonia River Guides

Why Patagonia River Guides Won Best Fishing

In fairness to every other winner and nominee of the Best of Patagonia Awards, it’s very hard to have a bad time fishing in Patagonia. That having been said, Patagonia River Guides blows past the competition to win the Best Fishing award. Why? Because Patagonia River Guides (who refer to themselves as PRG) perform well in three crucial areas: range of trips offered, excellent programs, and premium equipment. For the most serious and hardcore anglers, Patagonia River Guides are almost certainly the

Besides being nifty, PRG's unique technology is a good indicator of their dedication to world class fly fishing
Besides being nifty, PRG’s unique technology is a good indicator of their dedication to world class fly fishing

outfitter of choice. Continue reading Best Fishing – Patagonia River Guides