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Two More Beginners Bass Lures

Beginners Bass Lures by Ben Team

We love when our readers share their thoughts and questions. Just this morning, I awoke to see that a reader message had been sent my way:

Hello friend,
Thank you for sharing the good content about the bass fishing. Can you tell me which fishing lures or fishing hooks are the best for the beginner to use?

Thank you very much!

First of all, thank you, friend, for reading and reaching out to us. But on to your questions! Continue reading Two More Beginners Bass Lures

Finding Elusive Summer Trout (PART 2 OF TROUT FISHING SERIES)

Summer Trout by Sean O’Brien

As the spring melts into the summer months, trout seem not only harder to find, but harder to catch at all.  Trout thrive in cold water, rich in dissolved-oxygen, and like any creature they get sluggish when they don’t get the oxygen they need.  Colder water is more likely to be found in streams and rivers, and accordingly those are more than likely to contain the elusive summer trout than a lake or pond.  This isn’t to say trout can’t be found everywhere in their range, but there are most certainly more and less effective places, times and techniques when fishing summer trout.  To help improve your odds of catching them in the heat of the summer, we’ve provided the following tips. Continue reading Finding Elusive Summer Trout (PART 2 OF TROUT FISHING SERIES)

Knowing Your Flies, Part 1

Learning the Different Kinds of Flies is the First Step to Fly Fishing Success

Flies by Sean O’brien

Fly fishing hinges on using the right fly for the right place and time, and fly tiers have given fishermen the power to essentially bring an unlimited number of patterns, styles, colors, and sizes of lures with you anywhere, and change to adapt to current conditions.  That freedom of choice is a boon to anglers who know their flies, but for newbies it can be bewildering.  Before you can pick the right flies you need to know something about them – what they are, what they imitate and how they fish. Continue reading Knowing Your Flies, Part 1

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Taking Kids Fishing is as Much Fun as Ever

With Summer on its Way, It’s Time for a Venerable (Though Much Maligned) Tradition

by Sean OBrien

Opening day is a ritual in many families.  It’s the official turning point when winter changes over to spring.  The birds are out, the water is still cool, and the trout are ready.  Bass are beginning to spawn and sit on the beds, and lakes and streams and rivers begin to swell from the ice and snow melt.  It’s beautiful, and calming, and very peaceful, and all of that can be changed in 5 seconds by a child who doesn’t want to fish. Continue reading Taking Kids Fishing is as Much Fun as Ever

Six Ways to Protect Your Fishing Hole

Fishing Hole By Ben Team

Anglers aren’t the only people to enjoy lakes, ponds and rivers, but we are definitely among the most active aquatic recreationists.  We also have the most to lose should our fishing hole be spoiled.  As such, most of us guard our favorite fishing hole from swimmers and tubers as though they were state secrets.  However, far greater dangers lie in pollution, invasive species or population declines.  Accordingly, it is incumbent on us, the anglers of the world, to do our part to keep the lakes, rivers and ponds of the world healthy.  This doesn’t take an unreasonable amount of effort either; by embracing these six steps, you can help ensure your favorite fishing hole remains productive for years to come. Continue reading Six Ways to Protect Your Fishing Hole