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How High Do Fish Jump?

Fish Jump by Debbie Kay

There are a number of videos and stories about the way that salmon and trout can muscle their way upstream and leap up waterfalls.  But how high do fish jump?  For many species, we don’t yet know the answer.  For others, there is some good science available.  Here is a look of some of the best known salmonids and the information we have on their ability to leap waterfalls in a single bound: Continue reading How High Do Fish Jump?

Ice Fishing Basics for Beginners

Ice Fishing by Sean Obrien

We know that summer has just ended, and we are still in the heart of the fishing season.  This is just a quick reminder that even through the winter is approaching, the fishing season does not end.  Ice fishing is an unbelievably fun time out on the (frozen) water, and you can wind up with some serious fish as well.  We will take a look at some of the gear, techniques and safety concerns of standing on ice and then fishing through a hole you have cut in it. Continue reading Ice Fishing Basics for Beginners

Different Plastic Crawfish for Different Situations

Plastic Crawfish by Ben Team

I was fishing for a few years before I tried out my first plastic crawfish. Once I did, I felt stupid for not doing so sooner. They catch bass. Period. Exclamation point!

A lot of anglers go craw-wild in the spring, but then forget about them for the rest of the year. This is a mistake, as they remain productive throughout the year. They may not be the best lure for the dead of winter or while the bass are tearing up the top of the water, but you should never hesitate to try them if you feel like they might be effective. Continue reading Different Plastic Crawfish for Different Situations

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Yukon’s Teslin Tlingit Tribe Celebrates Chinook Harvest in 17 Years

Tlingit Tribe Celebrates Chinook by Debbie Kay

For the Teslin Tlingit, there is not a single child who has ever seen a traditional chinook harvest.  This is because the tribe, in order to try and save this resource, went on a fishing hiatus in order to give the fish time to repopulate.  Now, the tribe’s youngest legal adults will get to witness the first fish taken since they were babies, and the children are going to see the first fish of their lifetime taken.  This is not only a return of a critical species to the habitat and an important food source, but the spiritual heart of this tribe. Continue reading Yukon’s Teslin Tlingit Tribe Celebrates Chinook Harvest in 17 Years

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Under Appreciated Underspins: The Forgotten Lure That Catches Bass

Underspins by Ben Team

I was probably about 19 years old the first time I used an underspin.

It was early December, and I was working a dock with access to water about 15-feet-deep. I had been casting and retrieving spoons, in-line spinners and jerk baits all morning, but hadn’t had a lick of success. Continue reading Under Appreciated Underspins: The Forgotten Lure That Catches Bass