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Sunday Series: the Most Extreme Fish Quiz

Sunday Series:  True Fish Stories of the World’s Strongest, Fastest and Most Challenging to Catch


By Debbie Kay

Fishermen are notorious for telling tales that inflate the sizes, weights and fighting prowess of the fish they’ve – supposedly – reeled in.  But what are the actual biggest, fastest and strongest fish out there?  If you’re looking for a challenge, here’s a quiz at some of the extreme fish around.

As per usual, let us know how you scored in the comments below, and send us a message or contact us on social media if there’s a topic you would like to see a future quiz on. Continue reading Sunday Series: the Most Extreme Fish Quiz

Faraway Fishing Trips

Faraway Fishing Trips to Add to Your Bucket List

By Debbie Kay

If you plan your vacation around fishing, then these faraway fishing Faraway Fishingtrips are for you.  They aren’t necessarily the farthest flung places– we haven’t included Iceland or Amazon, for example.  For now, we’ve chosen to look at some of the biggest, weirdest, highest and craziest places to fish  in the world: Continue reading Faraway Fishing Trips

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Fishermen Petition Against Tighter Halibut Regs

New regulations put seekers of groundfish in conflict with halibut fishery


The North Pacific Fisheries Management Council’s met pushback against Tuesday, March 31st against stricter halibut bycatch regulations in Alaska’s groundfish fishery, say industry sources. The opposition came in the form of a 23,000 word petition, delivered to governor Jay Inslee by Washington company Fishermen’s Finest. The company, which operates a large fleet in Alaska, argues that the revisions will cost millions in revenue and thousands of jobs. If they hold up, the limits could trim allowable bycatch by 10% to 50%.

Continue reading Fishermen Petition Against Tighter Halibut Regs