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There’s Excellent Fishing on the Manistique Lakes, but You’ll Need Good Technique and the Right Equipment – Including a Thermometer

By Rick Fowler

Located in the heart of the UP in Mackinac County, two of the three Manistique Lakes are known for high quality fishing – “The Big Lake”, and “South Lake”, connected by Portage Creek in the small community of Curtis. The lakes have something for nearly everyone;  fishermen have harvested many eater walleyes and battled nice-sized pike in these waters.  Other anglers go after bluegill, which can be landed by the buck in the lakes’ numerous bays and inlets.  If you’re a bass angler, both lakes offer up some nice 3 to 4 pound smallies and an occasional big bruiser of a largemouth, especially around the one island in South Manistique and the three in Big Manistique.  Continue reading MANISTIQUE LAKES – THRIVING SUMMER ANGLING

Oregon Warm Water Fishing

Oregon Warm Water Fishing

By Jai Colvin

Warm Water fishing…as much as we love fishing trout and steelhead, many anglers will tell you there ain’t nothing like it. Sitting back on the bank of a lake or river somewhere, towing Warm water fishingin a 6-inch bluegill or a trophy-size largemouth…you can’t go wrong. Oregon offers up some of the best warm water fishing to anglers, and I promise that you will have loads of fun landing these critters. Continue reading Oregon Warm Water Fishing