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Workin’ those Weed Beds

Largemouth Bass Love a Good Weed Bed

By Ben Team

A dense grove of aquatic plants provides bass with shade from the sweltering sun, protection from predators and oxygen for, large mouth basswell, breathing. But the benefits do not stop there; most weed beds also hold a variety of prey species, including minnows, sunfish, insects, turtles, rodents, frogs, salamanders and even smaller bass. With these factors in mind, it becomes easy to understand why bass spend so much time lurking amid tangled mats of vegetation. Continue reading Workin’ those Weed Beds

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Tactics for Pressured Pond Bass

Stealth along the Shore: Covert Tactics for Pressured Pond Bass

By Ben Team

If you’re after wary pond bass, you had better be sneakier than they are. One of the most frustrating phenomena anglers face is the dreaded “high-pressure pond.”

Usually located in readily accessible areas near cities or suburbs, these small waters often hold plenty of bass – pond bass that are pond basssimply not interested in biting. You would never suspect the fish are hard to catch by looking at the pond, as rod-wielding people seem to dot the shoreline every time you drive by; but few of these anglers ever catch very many fish. Their constant presence all but ruins the bite. Continue reading Tactics for Pressured Pond Bass

Oregon Warm Water Fishing

Oregon Warm Water Fishing

By Jai Colvin

Warm Water fishing…as much as we love fishing trout and steelhead, many anglers will tell you there ain’t nothing like it. Sitting back on the bank of a lake or river somewhere, towing Warm water fishingin a 6-inch bluegill or a trophy-size largemouth…you can’t go wrong. Oregon offers up some of the best warm water fishing to anglers, and I promise that you will have loads of fun landing these critters. Continue reading Oregon Warm Water Fishing