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The Sunday Quiz – Southern Quiz

Angler’s Club Magazine presents

The Southern Quiz

By Ben Team

This week’s topic: Bass Identification

Each Sunday, we will bring you a series of questions to test your knowledge of the fish and some of the strategies used to snatch them. Each week will feature a different theme (be sure to let us know how you scored and what you’d like us to cover in the comment section below or on social media). Continue reading The Sunday Quiz – Southern Quiz

Bass Angler’s Quiz

The Bass Angler’s Quiz: Putting Your Largemouth Bass Knowledge to the Test

By Ben Team

Like any good bass angler, you’re always striving to improve your craft.  You read the best fishing blogs you can find, you watch tournaments to learn from the pros and (most importantly) you spend as much time as is possible on the water, chasing the almighty bucketmouth.

All that time spent noodling (not that kind of noodling) on bass has surely filled your brain with a library’s worth of knowledge.  But just how much?  Take our bass angler’s quiz to find out what you know, and what you don’t know, about Micropterus salmoides and dragging them out of the water. Continue reading Bass Angler’s Quiz