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Mag Lip

Mag Lip 3.0

This new Mag Lip gives anglers another effective tool in the box for trout, steelhead, and more. Mag Lip 3.0Steelhead and trout anglers have one more reason to smile this spring, for the new Mag Lip 3.0 has arrived. Continue reading Mag Lip

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Tenkara Fishing in USA

Note the lack of a reel on this tenkara rod. Courtesy David Lor
Note the lack of a reel on this Tenkara rod. Courtesy David Lor

Tenkara is a Japanese method of fly fishing that’s gotten a lot of attention stateside in the last few years. like many things Japanese, tenkara is about minimalism—reel and other mechanical elements are eliminated in favor of “string tied to a pole” tackle, though often the pole is a collapsible, pocket-sized, graphite rod. That simplicity is the main attraction of tenkara. No reel means less that can go wrong, get lost, or get fouled up. A fixed line length means less management and easier casting. The focus stays on the fishing, and you can walk down to a creek and be fishing in seconds with rods that can literally fit in your pocket.  Continue reading Tenkara