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Mythical Fly Fishing Trips & Gorgeous Scenery

Mythical Fly Fishing Trips by Sean Obrien

There are mythical fly fishing trips taken by fly fisherman to some of the most profoundly gorgeous scenery available on the planet. Although there are thousands of locations that are world reknown for their unrivaled fly fishing, they all have specific positives and negatives. Each one of the locations listed below has a distinct reason that makes it one of the few end-all be-all locations for the fly fishing enthusiast.  Some are specific because of the
environment, some for the location, and some for the species of fish available, but the one thing they all have in common is unparalleled angling.  Let’s get right to the list, and be sure to leave your mythical fly fishing trips or dream destination in the comments section below. Continue reading Mythical Fly Fishing Trips & Gorgeous Scenery

Master the Fly Fishing Basics

Fly Fishing Basics by Sean Obrien

Fly fishing is a lot like golf – real mastery only comes once you’ve developed strong fundamentals.  Without mastering the fly fishing basics, the flashier, more advanced techniques will be impossible.  It’s infinitely easier to learn the proper technique to start with than it is to break bad habits that have already formed.

Fly Fishing Basics

But “fundamentals” is a broad topic.  There are many tricks to help perfect your casting form, or tie the correct knots for each connection of your rod and reel combo.  But all of that is wasted if you can’t find the fish.  Ultimately, you’ll need all three of these skills  to start succeeding as a fly fisherman. With that said, here are some tips, tricks and techniques for mastering the basics of fly fishing. Continue reading Master the Fly Fishing Basics

Neurobiologists Say Fly-Fishing is Good for You

Fly-Fishing is Good for You by Robert Deen

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to know that fly-fishing is good for you. Or it does it?

The Harvard Medical School’s Department of Neurobiology recently published an article that compared fly-fishing to yoga in its ability to relax the brain and combat the ill effects of every day stress. Continue reading Neurobiologists Say Fly-Fishing is Good for You

Central Texas Fly Fishing, Part One

 With Beautiful Scenery and Fantastic Diversity, Central Texas is a Diamond in the Rough for Fly Fishermen

Central Texas by Will Jukes

It’s understandable that Texas doesn’t make the shortlist of great fly fishing states.  Lacking native trout and salmon, we have nothing to offer anglers going after the traditional species of fly fishing.  But hidden in the state’s big middle is the central Texas Hill Country, 18,000 square miles of limestone and granite hills clear to emerald green freestone streams.  Awash with bass, panfish, catfish and carp, these streams offer a surprisingly classic kind of fly fishing, as well as challenges not to be found elsewhere. Continue reading Central Texas Fly Fishing, Part One

Choosing the Right Fly Line Weight

A (Hopefully) Simple Breakdown of Picking the Right Line Weight

Fly Line Weight by Sean O’Brien

There are a ton of variables that affect every aspect of fly fishing. Even if we just look at the different factors that go into picking a fly rod, we have to choose a reel, rod weight, length and material.  And on top of all of that, you need to pick a fly line weight.  But while a lot of the things listed will depend on personal style and preference, fly line weight nearly always boils down to one thing: what are you fishing for?  Using the correct line weight enables you to use the appropriate flies, which will really help you dial in on your target species. Continue reading Choosing the Right Fly Line Weight