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Fishing with Bigfoot

Fishing with Bigfoot:  A Guide

Bigfoot Whether you love him or fear him, believe in him or not, the prospect of fishing in the Pacific Northwest means a chance of fishing with bigfoot.  If you are the guy who secretly loves Harry and the Hendersons, and watches all of the late-night bigfoot hunting reality TV shows, then this is a huge selling point for you.  For some fans, the fishing part is just a pretense for a chance to see the elusive Sasquatch.  For others, the idea of it is the only thing more terrifying than being stuck in the wilderness for days on end with their in-laws.  Though many TV ‘Squatch experts say that bigfoots exist throughout North America, there are more sightings recorded in the Pacific Northwest than anywhere else.  So, here is a guide to this elusive (and possibly nonexistent) beast, and what to do to both increase or decrease your chance of an encounter. Continue reading Fishing with Bigfoot