Echo Lake

There’s an Echo in Snohomish County with two Echo Lakes

By Jai Colvin

Just outside the city of Shoreline lies one of the most peaceful bodies of water you will ever find this close to the city limits. Nestled Echo Lake alsoin the hills
2 miles southeast of Highway 522 near Maltby, Echo Lake offers those with a pole and a desire for an afternoon of relaxed fishing a chance to hit the water without having to drive very far. The lake can be accessed at Echo Lake Park in Shoreline. This Echo Lake covers 16 acres and there is state access on the east side with parking, boat ramp and facilities. It is stocked with catchable-size rainbow trout in the spring but also offers a large sunfish population. The lake covers 16 acres and has an average depth of 5.2 meters. The watershed is 172 acres and is about 65% developed. There is a public boat access on the east side of the lake. Gas powered boats are not permitted.
Wait…is that an echo I hear….nope…it’s another Echo Lake! This Echo Lake is approximately nine miles north of Sultan in the headwaters of Miller Creek. It is open to fishing year-round and echo lakeanglers can pursue both eastern brook trout and rainbow trout. Access is by mountain bike or foot off of Timber Company or Snohomish PUD road systems. A raft or float tube can be used to reach holes along the shore. This Echo Lake is approximately 23.6 acres and offers yet another quiet afternoon of fishing within a short drive.

Both of these smaller lakes offer some amazing fishing and both are quiet spots that mainly locals fish. The first Echo Lake tends to offer more facilities and hosts more fishing just because it is so close to town. The second Echo Lake, although more work to get to, is well worth the effort. With less fishing this lake offers a chance at some truly bragging rights sized fish.

So whether you are looking for easy access or sizable trout Echo Lake…and Echo Lake…may just be for you!

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