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Two More Beginners Bass Lures

Beginners Bass Lures by Ben Team

We love when our readers share their thoughts and questions. Just this morning, I awoke to see that a reader message had been sent my way:

Hello friend,
Thank you for sharing the good content about the bass fishing. Can you tell me which fishing lures or fishing hooks are the best for the beginner to use?

Thank you very much!

First of all, thank you, friend, for reading and reaching out to us. But on to your questions!

I wrote an article about choosing the right hook for the right circumstances a little while back, and we’ve also covered the best lures for beginners in the past, so you should definitely check those out.

However, as I began thinking more about beginners bass lures, I realized that I left out two very important options. Accordingly, I figured we could talk about two more lures that are great for bass-fishing beginners today.

Lipless Crankbait

One of the keys to selecting beginners bass lures is to select one that doesn’t require you to impart much action to it. You want a lure you can just “chuck and wind,” so that you can concentrate on learning how to find fish and battle them back to the boat. Lipless crankbaits excel in such circumstances.

I also think that it is important to start out with a lure that doesn’t require you to interpret (or even detect) strikes. Because they are equipped with a pair of treble hooks, you don’t have to perform much of a hookset – bass will often hook themselves by engulfing the prickly lure at full speed.

It’s also nice that fishing with a lipless crankbait doesn’t require you to make a million decisions before you tie it on to your line. Just pick a color and get to fishing. Use silvers, golds and similar colors in clear water, but opt for chartreuse, black or white in stained or muddy waters.

Plastic Stick Baits

The single most important thing that any angler brings to the water is confidence. If you fish with confidence, you will pay better attention to your lure, focus more intently on the fish and catch more bass. This is especially problematic for beginners, who may not have even landed their first largemouth.

Enter the plastic stick bait: One of the most effective lures in existence for catching largemouth bass. Now, you won’t see pros wearing out stick-baits in tournaments, as they are a slow lure to fish and they are often better for catching numbers than they are for catching lunkers (this is not to suggest that they don’t catch big fish either: One of my personal bests came courtesy of a 5-inch, pumpkinseed stick bait).

Fishing stick baits is pretty easy. You either rig them Texas-style or wacky-style, cast them out near good cover (such as a downed tree) and let them sink slowly to the bottom. You can twitch them intermittently, making them flutter and glide, but most strikes occur on the fall.

Now, as you may have realized, these lures are not like crankbaits or spinnerbaits. Most strikes will not result in an auto-hooked fish, so you must learn to detect the strike and set the hook. However, plastic stick baits are one of the easier styles of soft plastic bait to learn these skills, so go grab a pack or six the appropriate hooks and get to work. Feel free to experiment with different stick bait variations and colors once you get the hang of fishing these lures, but at the outset, start with a few packs of 5-inch stick baits in colors like watermelon, pumpkin seed and silver.

We hope these tips are helpful – please let us know how they work for you in the comments below. And as always, don’t be shy! We love to hear from our readers, so give us a shout!

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