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Ice Fishing Basics for Beginners

Ice Fishing by Sean Obrien

We know that summer has just ended, and we are still in the heart of the fishing season.  This is just a quick reminder that even through the winter is approaching, the fishing season does not end.  Ice fishing is an unbelievably fun time out on the (frozen) water, and you can wind up with some serious fish as well.  We will take a look at some of the gear, techniques and safety concerns of standing on ice and then fishing through a hole you have cut in it. Continue reading Ice Fishing Basics for Beginners

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non-native invasive species – the threat

Non-native invasive species by Sean Obrien

One of the biggest threats to our local environments is the threat and introduction of non-native invasive species. In fact, it is the second biggest threat to native species behind only habitat destruction. These unwanted guests can decimate populations of essential species of plant and animal life in specific areas, and cause untold damage to the future of our biodiversity. Although there are numerous laws and regulations regarding the introduction of non-native species to an environment, it still happens frequently. And in the case of some areas, the damage is far too great to be undone. Continue reading non-native invasive species – the threat

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Mythical Fly Fishing Trips & Gorgeous Scenery

Mythical Fly Fishing Trips by Sean Obrien

There are mythical fly fishing trips taken by fly fisherman to some of the most profoundly gorgeous scenery available on the planet. Although there are thousands of locations that are world reknown for their unrivaled fly fishing, they all have specific positives and negatives. Each one of the locations listed below has a distinct reason that makes it one of the few end-all be-all locations for the fly fishing enthusiast.  Some are specific because of the
environment, some for the location, and some for the species of fish available, but the one thing they all have in common is unparalleled angling.  Let’s get right to the list, and be sure to leave your mythical fly fishing trips or dream destination in the comments section below. Continue reading Mythical Fly Fishing Trips & Gorgeous Scenery

Fall Bass Fishing Techniques and Tips

Fall Bass Fishing by Sean Obrien

Along with the trout fishing in the fall, the bass fishing really begins to pick up as the season’s change.  There are a lot of factors involved in this, some of which include time of day, weather, water temperature, and perhaps most importantly, baitfish.  Bass fishing techniques change with the seasons, and we will detail some fall and colder water temperature tactics that can increase your fall bass fishing ability.

As the hot summer months begin to cool down, the water temperature begins to drop.  This creates a situation where the bass begin to come fish will begin to chase more, and they can use this to their advantage.  Another additionally factor the colder water temperature brings is the fish closer to the shore, as the shallow water is usually warmer.  The baitfish also congregate in the shallows, feasting on the algae that is ever present in most freshwater ponds and lakes. Baitfish school up in the fall, which makes it easier for the bass to grab mouthfuls of them, and allows the angler to follow the baitfish to  the bass.  Throw whatever you are fishing with into schools of baitfish, or where you think the baitfish are, and you will more often than not get hit. Another gauge of where the fish may be is the appearance of birds – they tend to congregate and feed on the baitfish as well.  Keep aware and hit the spots that appear to have these activities occurring and you will be well on your way to cleaning up with your fall bass fishing  catch.

It is more important than at any other point in any season that the angler learns to read the water of whatever area he is fishing.  In the afternoon, when the water is calm and glassy, topwater lures will attract action, as the more aggressive fish will come up to strike.  Not much better than to get a topwater strike of a big bass when the water is calm and clear.  You can still throw your worms out at structures and probably get a bite, as the more aggressive and active bass will be hitting everything. Another spot to look at is creek entries into the lake or pond, as this is where the baitfish will run, and the bass will follow.  These spots are perfect for experimenting with all kinds of different lures and really determining what works and what doesn’t.

Sometimes, what has worked in a particular spot in the spring will continue to work in the fall, but for the most part, switching it up will always be recommended.  By the fall, these fish have seen a ton of bait, and being a little different could get a hit when nothing else is working.  Throw everything you can and utilize the entire water column in your pursuit of fall bass.  As the days get shorter and colder, enjoy every second that you can outdoors and throwing lures, because when the snow piles up you will be wishing you had these opportunities.








New England Fall Fishing

New England Fall Fishing by Sean Obrien

Although not the last gasp of the fishing season, the first few weeks in September can be defined as the beginning of the end.  Tropical storm remnants can impact water temperature, migration patterns can be affected, and the fish are just plain confused.  The good news is, that in all of this confusion, we enter the opening of New England fall fishing , which I consider a separate season in itself.  Trout fishing picks back up as the water temperatures cool, and many states restock ponds and streams in the fall to create holdover trout for the winter anglers.  Saltwater fishing in New England also gets a boost, as the bottom dwelling species come to the forefront, and the albie, or false albacore bite becomes the target of choice. Continue reading New England Fall Fishing