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The wild?–it’s calling you. 
Let us probe the silent places, let us seek what luck betide us;
Let us journey to a lonely land I know.
There’s a whisper on the night-wind, there’s a star agleam to guide us,
And the wild is calling, calling . . . . let us go.”
― Robert W. Service

By Rick Fowler

Fishing new waters has always intrigued me.  There’s a unique excitement about casting into a river, lake or ocean for the first time, anxious to see just what I’ll haul up the first time my line goes tight.  This sense of euphoria and wonderment was very evident in a September 2015 excursion to Alaska. Continue reading FISHING THE WILD ALASKAN WATERS, EXCITING AND INTRIGUING


There’s Excellent Fishing on the Manistique Lakes, but You’ll Need Good Technique and the Right Equipment – Including a Thermometer

By Rick Fowler

Located in the heart of the UP in Mackinac County, two of the three Manistique Lakes are known for high quality fishing – “The Big Lake”, and “South Lake”, connected by Portage Creek in the small community of Curtis. The lakes have something for nearly everyone;  fishermen have harvested many eater walleyes and battled nice-sized pike in these waters.  Other anglers go after bluegill, which can be landed by the buck in the lakes’ numerous bays and inlets.  If you’re a bass angler, both lakes offer up some nice 3 to 4 pound smallies and an occasional big bruiser of a largemouth, especially around the one island in South Manistique and the three in Big Manistique.  Continue reading MANISTIQUE LAKES – THRIVING SUMMER ANGLING

Stained Water and Shallow Lakes: Finding Michigan Walleye

Look for Currents and Weeds to Entice More Walleye

By Rick Fowler

Michigan is blessed with thousands of small lakes, each one its own special joy to fish.  Even a lake just a few surface acres can vary in local microclimate, fish population, the variety of inlets, topography, color or depth, these lakes draw thousands of anglers every year.

Continue reading Stained Water and Shallow Lakes: Finding Michigan Walleye


By Rick Fowler

I have landed many nice fish during the many decades I’ve been angling. A few come to mind: the 6 pound walleye taken off the end of our U.P. dock one evening. The 140 pound Black Marlin caught off the coast of Cozumel, Mexico and a 40 inch angry Canadian Northern Pike boated after a lengthy battle on skimpy 4 pound test line. Not true trophy size any of them, but to me, all were “fish of a lifetime” and each a memory of an exciting time spent on the water. Continue reading TAKEN TO SCHOOL BY A MASTER TEACHER-THE BROWN TROUT

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