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How High Do Fish Jump?

Fish Jump by Debbie Kay

There are a number of videos and stories about the way that salmon and trout can muscle their way upstream and leap up waterfalls.  But how high do fish jump?  For many species, we don’t yet know the answer.  For others, there is some good science available.  Here is a look of some of the best known salmonids and the information we have on their ability to leap waterfalls in a single bound: Continue reading How High Do Fish Jump?

Yukon’s Teslin Tlingit Tribe Celebrates Chinook Harvest in 17 Years

Tlingit Tribe Celebrates Chinook by Debbie Kay

For the Teslin Tlingit, there is not a single child who has ever seen a traditional chinook harvest.  This is because the tribe, in order to try and save this resource, went on a fishing hiatus in order to give the fish time to repopulate.  Now, the tribe’s youngest legal adults will get to witness the first fish taken since they were babies, and the children are going to see the first fish of their lifetime taken.  This is not only a return of a critical species to the habitat and an important food source, but the spiritual heart of this tribe. Continue reading Yukon’s Teslin Tlingit Tribe Celebrates Chinook Harvest in 17 Years

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Fraser River gets Record Chum Run

Chum by Debbie Barton

The 2016 fall chum salmon run for the Fraser River, which borders Vancouver BC and opens out into Johnstone Strait to the North of the Washington’s San Juan Islands, was slow at first.  When it did come, however, the fish appeared in record numbers. The run, which now looks like it numbers 2 million, has been so large that some of the catches have swamped the boats of smaller commercial fishermen. Tidal and streamside anglers can look forward to a great season of chum as well from now until as late as Thanksgiving. Continue reading Fraser River gets Record Chum Run

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Michigan Catch and Cook Restaurants

Michigan Catch and Cook Restaurants by Debbie Kay

If you have always felt like you are a better fisherman than chef, this may be the program for you.  Michigan has gathered a series of participating restaurants throughout the state who will take your catch of the day and turn it into something spectacular.  The program is open to anyone who is willing to jump through a few small hoops, and offers you the chance to impress your friends and family with your fishing skills, even if you can’t impress them with your cooking skills. Continue reading Michigan Catch and Cook Restaurants

The Scariest Fish, Angler’s Club Style Halloween

The Scariest Fish by Debbie Kay

Happy Halloween, everyone.  This year, we present you with ten of the scariest fish you may encounter.  They aren’t all the scariest looking, but instead, they may cause you the most problems in one way or another.  Read on to see who makes the cut for scariest-fish of 2016: Continue reading The Scariest Fish, Angler’s Club Style Halloween