Vancouver Fishing

Vancouver Fishing

Have you ever dreamed about catching a thirty-pound Chinook salmon? How about a huge steelhead or a seven foot sturgeon? If you have, you should definitely try Vancouver fishing in the city and the surrounding area. All of these trophies and many more are available within a couple of hours from the city center. In fact, some of the best sport fishing on the planet can be found just a short distance from the most beautiful city in the world. Year after year, hopeful anglers from around the globe travel through Vancouver on their way to fishing lodges in exotic BC locations like Rivers Inlet, Hakai Pass and Haida Gwaii. What these anglers don’t realize is that they are leaving behind some of the most productive waters in the province by not fishing Vancouver and the surrounding area.

Vancouver Fishing

Vancouver Fishing for 40 Million Salmon

Consider this, the Fraser River has the largest run of salmon in North America, by far.
Some years, the salmon count on the Fraser exceeds forty million fish. The run includes five species of salmon, including Chinook (we call them Springs) Coho, Chum, Sockeyes and Pinks. All of them call the Fraser and its tributaries home and all return to the river in huge numbers. Vancouver fishing includes area salt chuck hotspots and the Fraser River putting you smack dab in the middle of all those salmon. Forty million fish!

Giant White Sturgeon

But that’s not all. When you are in Vancouver, you can also target the giant White Sturgeon in the Fraser River. These prehistoric creatures are often measured in the hundreds of pounds and when fishing with a local guide it’s not unusual to hook into several of these monsters in an outing. Watching a six foot Sturgeon leap from the water a few feet from your boat is a thrill that every dedicated angler should experience at least once in their lives. While fishing Vancouver area Sturgeon usually takes place around the Mission City area, about 40 miles east of Vancouver, the guides follow the fish and depending on the time of year and river level you may end up fishing farther east, or even find yourself fishing Vancouver area suburbs. This is definitely big game sport at its finest.
Yes, Vancouver fishing including the surrounding area is truly an anglers dream. Aside from the tremendous salmon runs and incredible Sturgeon fishing, there are also dozens of small trout lakes within an hour or two by car. Some of these little lakes are classified as trophy waters and are home to Rainbow Trout in the seven pound range. You will have to do some homework to find these hidden spots, but the time spent finding them can be well worth it. Just make sure to keep them a secret, most of us don’t want word to get out about these honey holes.

Enjoy the City and the Nightlife

So, come to Vancouver and enjoy the city and nightlife, the fine restaurants, the ambiance and the attractions. But make sure to try your hand at Vancouver fishing and experience all the great possibilities – it is truly world class.

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