shore fishing on Washington coasts

Boat & Shore Fishing on Washington Coasts

Boat & Shore Fishing on Washington Coasts’ Northern Tip

by Jai Colvin

Last week we meandered up the coast of Washington State, this week we head back down from the other direction by exploring the “tip of the spear” in terms of Washington coastal fishing. Let’s be honest, the northern coast is known for the Chinook and Coho. Summer and Fall offer sport fishermen a chance for shore fishing on Washington coasts and add to their many fish stories with honor. The northern Washington coast are a key aspect of the salmon journeys to the river systems in British Columbia and Washington.

shore fishing on Washington coastsDon’t ignore the other offerings from the Northern coastline though with Albacore tuna, lingcod, rockfish, surf perch and crab all available shore fishing on Washington coasts and amazingly close to shore. Our first stop is Port Angeles, Washington’s largest port on the Strait of Juan de Fuca. This is a regional center for charter fishing. In late July, August, and September the salmon begin to flow into the strait and local fishermen hit the water with a fever for the catch. Port Angeles is a great place to have a home base while you fish the local waters.

Next we hit Neah Bay and Sekiu. Although these towns are small they offer anglers an amazing experience in shore fishing on Washington coasts for salmon. Located approximately halfway between Port Angeles and Neah Bay, Sekiu is popular with boat fishermen looking for some action. The Salmon and crab are plentiful all summer long.

The waters surrounding the northern most spit of land in Washington State are popular with private boat owners and charter fishing clients. Those interested can make short runs to good fishing with an abundance of rockfish, lingcod, salmon and crab. Families are drawn to Neah Bay for fishing because it is kid friendly in terms of shore fishing.

Just to the south at the mouth of the Quillayute River, La Push offers shore fishing in some of the most beautiful areas of Washington’s coastline. Here seasoned fishermen will find great halibut fishing as well as salmon. This area is home to native tribes but they have no problem sharing the waters with those who are adventurous enough to head north. And you don’t have to stick to the coastal waters and shore fishing on Washington coasts, take a bit of time and also try out the fishing along the Hoh, Bogachiel and Calawah rivers as well.

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