Fishing with kids has long term benefits

Fishing with Kids Has Long Term Benefits

Fishing with Kids Has Long Term Benefits

By Debbie Kay

Fishing with kids has long term benefits for you and the children. Many people fish with their kids because it’s fun.  Did you know that fishing together can instill character traits in them that can increase their chance of success?

Universities and employers are looking more and more at the presence of what they term “intangibles”.   These are often a better indicator of future success than grades. The ability to get along with others, self-motivation, and the ability to accept criticism are some examples. Here is a look at several examples of intangibles that taking a kid fishing can help to develop:


This is a trait that any long-term fisherman has in spades.  It comes not only from learning proper techniques–  from fly-casting to hand-tying to stream-reading, fishing is full of them–  but also the constant reality that not all days of fishing end with success.  The delayed gratification learned by spending time perfecting a cast or catching a fish after a week of nothing transforms your family when fishing with kids.  It becomes a willingness to save money instead of spend it, to put time and energy into grades over parties, and to use constructive feedback as a way to improve, all because they can see the bigger reward at the end.  It also is a great real-life example about how a string of failures can be a stepping stone to great success, and a way to keep children from becoming quitters. Good examples that fishing with kids has long term benefits


As a society, our attention span is waning.  The amount of time we spend focused on a singular task has dropped, and many people have become multitaskers who have a hard time concentrating on one thing for a long time.  In kids, this means that in-depth academic classrooms are often overwhelming for them.  Schools are trying to compensate for this by creating programs to stretch focus–  healthy food, exercise, and meditation classes are just some of the ways that schools are trying to find ways to stretch focus in their students.  Fishing with kids requires long stretches of quiet concentration, and allows them to develop this skill without even trying.  Provided you leave the electronics at home.


No fisherman bats a thousand.  Though a good day’s haul is definitely a huge reward at the end of a fishing day, it’s not the only reason that a fisherman is out there.  Fishing is one of the best examples of doing something for the love of the activity, and not only the prize at the end.   The ability to enjoy something, win or lose, is a great example of good sportsmanship.  When imparted to family members while fishing with kids, a child becomes an even bigger pleasure to be around.

Environmental Stewardship

The difference between an endangered species with a chance and one that is doomed is the group of interested people behind it.  As the endangered species act brought Salmon into threatened status, one of the most vocal and helpful groups to step forward was the sport fishermen.  Passing a love of streams and waters to your kids will inspire them to keep this torch lit, and help keep clean, cool water running in PNW streams for generations to come.

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