Fall fishing vacation

Fall Fishing Vacation in Lane County

Lane County Oregon is a Fall Fishing Paradise

By Jai Colvin

Still looking for a fall vacation? Lane County, Oregon has a reputation.  Home to the Willamette River, Lane County offers fishermen  everything from coastal lakes and rivers to mountain lakes and  Fall fishing vacationstreams.  There are three major rivers systems to hit here; the McKenzie, Middle Fork Willamette and Coast Fork Willamette.  Florence, which is centrally located, is surrounded by large dune lakes, the Siuslaw River and Pacific Ocean; it’s the complete package, and the ideal fall vacation for any fisherman.

There are so many places to fish, but we can only point you to a few in the space of this article.

Alton Baker Canoe Canal

Access to this local favorite is via Alton Baker Park with an adjacent trail that runs nearly the entire length.  The canal, effectively a side channel of the river, is stocked with rainbow trout and an occasional steelhead makes its way in from the main stem Willamette.  A midpoint pond offers good fishing for those looking to hit the water with the family.

Ruth Bascom Riverbank

Ruth Bascom offers a unique opportunity to target steelhead into early fall with or without a boat.  There are access to amenities in multiple locations.  If you are looking to hit the waters here, target the long bedrock runs and pools.  You will find Trout, salmon, steelhead, a few bass and panfish here.

Orchard Point Park, Fern Ridge Reservoir

Western Oregon’s largest body of water by surface area is Fern Ridge Reservoir in Orchard Point Park’s.  Fern Ridge offers excellent warm water fishing for large bass and panfish.  There is good bank access as well as access along the dam face.  Anglers can explore the shallow lagoons and bottomland creeks on the south end as well. Anglers will hook crappie, bass, bluegill, bullhead, warmouth and carp here.

Coastal Fork Willamette River

The Coastal Fork Willamette River is located south of Springfield. The Coast Fork presents few navigational challenges, making it a little easier to enjoy.  Bank access is limited because it flows mostly through private land, however anglers can target the bedrock slots and pools, soft water at edges and deeper holes for trout.  Salmon and steelhead are occasionally caught here in early fall.

 Mosby Creek

This Row River tributary is immediately southeast of Cottage Grove and offers multiple access points along Mosby Creek Road and Blue Mountain Road.  This creek offers good fishing for hardworking trout anglers, as well as steelhead.

Beltline Landing

Beltline Landing is a take-out for floating the “town run” of summer steelhead, but with excellent bank access this is a great place to hang out and fish with the kids.

Junction City Pond

Junction City Pond is the other choice for us in terms of easy access, kid friendly fishing.  This easy-access pond is great for beginners and has fishing docks and restrooms.  It’s right in Junction City.

 Row River Nature Park

Row River Nature Park comes complete with a pond with a dock and it is stocked with rainbow trout in the spring providing an excellent family-friendly fishery.  There is incredible bank access to the Row River for fishing the trout, bass, bluegill and bullhead.

 These are just a few of the Lane County Fall fishing vacation spots to hit. What are your plans for a Fall fishing vacation? share them with our readers! Leave a comment.

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