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America’s Top Tourist Destinations (and the Best Fishing Nearby)

For When You Can’t Persuade the Family to Tag Along, Here’s the Top Fishing Holes near Major Vacation Spots

Best Fishing Nearby By Debbie Kay

When I was a kid, my parents would pack themselves and four kids into the station wagon and set off across the country each summer and spring break in search of adventures.  Quite often, there would be a trailer towed behind the wagon carrying my dad’s BMW dual sport motorcycle, his favorite diversion when life and stress got overwhelming.  It was my parent’s compromise to head someplace like Disneyworld, the Phantom of the Opera in Toronto, or the Grand Old Opry together, with the knowledge that one or two days of our weeklong journey dad would be biking the most scenic roads nearby (usually with one of us riding behind him). 

It’s in this spirit I offer the same to Anglers Club readers with non-fishing family members.  Here’s some of the most visited locations in the US, and the best fishing to be had if you get the opportunity to sneak away for a day.

Times Square New York City

This isn’t just true during New Years Eve as the ball drops.  Times Square receives an estimated 41 million visitors each year.  Full-sized video billboards on skyscrapers and lots of fun activities make it a favorite location for anyone visiting NYC for the first time.  If you’re in the city, two fishing locations come to mind.  First, freshwater fishermen can try their hand at Van Cortlandt Lake, in the middle of the park of the same name, which is full of yellow perch, black crappie, and brown bullhead catfish.  This is catch and release only.  The 107th Street Pier is near the Gracie Mansion (a great tourist destination for the non-fishers in your group), and offers catch and release saltwater fishing.

Union Station in Washington DC

This beautiful Beax-Arts design was created in 1907 when rail was the main form of transportation.  Marble statues, white geometric domed architecture and more make this a breathtaking spectacle to see.  While you’re in the nation’s capital, try heading 10 minutes north up the Potomac River to a place called Fletcher’s cove.  It’s the best fishing nearby. The shad run, when you catch it, runs hot, and you can catch a 4 to 6 pounder every 5 minutes or so.

The Best Fishing Nearby The Las Vegas Strip

A gambler’s paradise, and a favorite destination for a lost weekend.  This desert oasis has more to offer than just casinos, white tigers, and world-class buffets, however.  Head over to Lake Mead to find charters that can take you out to find some great striped bass fishing.

Disneyworld in Orlando

Mickey and Minnie will have your kids enjoying their day in this most magical theme park on Earth.  For you, there are a number of great bass lakes and bass charters to discover, which will have you catching fish before you can sing “It’s a small world.”

Hollywood, California

For fans of movie magic, there is the Universal studios tour, where you can check out a scene from the classic film Jaws.  If you prefer to be out in the real ocean, saltwater fishing charters from Los Angeles and fly fishing in the mountains to the East are both so abundant it’s hard to choose a favorite place. If you don’t have the time or the means to venture far, the piers along North Beach Park offer the best fishing nearby.

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